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Spectrum PLA Glitter 1.75mm VOLCANO GREY 0.5kg


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PLA Glitter is a highly aesthetical material blended with high-glitter particles. The particle content in the filament increases the hardness and compression resistance of printed items. These properties are improved at the cost of the higher brittleness of items. There is a possibility to control the gloss level by increasing/decreasing the wall thickness.


Tip: Due to the content of infusible particles, it is necessary to use printing nozzles with diameters of 0.4mm or more.

Key features:

  • not abrasive
  • improved hardness and compression resistance as compared to PLA without admixtures
  • user friendly
  • high-gloss surfaces, which reduces the visibility of layers on the side face of the printed items
  • easy to print
  • no shrinkage after cooling



  • interior design articles
  • advertising materials
  • educational projects
  • any areas where it is essential to present specific geometric figures in an eye-catching manner


Filament specification:

Filament diameter: 1.75mm ± 0.05mm  / 2.85mm ± 0.05mm

Density: 1.24 g/cm3

Nozzle temperature: 185-215°C

Bed temperature: 0-45°C

Printing speed: 40-110mm/s

Verify your spool option: YES


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