Spectrum Premium PLA Carribean Blue


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Aesthetic, biodegradable and reliable 3D printing


Premium PLA is a filament based on polylactide which belongs to aliphatic polymers. It shows full biodegradability. Carefully selected colour concentrates provide items manufactured of Premium PLA with intense colours in a broad spectrum. Moreover, the choice of an appropriate dye base for the pellets for filament extrusion ensures a highly efficient printing with an extremely good adhesion of printed items to the build beds of FDM/FFF 3D printers. An unquestionable advantage of Premium PLA is a very low processing shrinkage. Thus its is particularly useful for large-size 3D printers without a closed build chamber. Premium PLA yields excellent surface quality and detail, producing reliable results.



Key features:

  • made of biodegradable raw materials
  • good mechanical properties (high hardness and tensile resistance)
  • user friendly
  • high aesthetic surface quality
  • good for creating high-resolution parts
  • high rigidity of printed items
  • a relatively low melting point
  • no shrinkage after cooling
  • good for lost casting methods to create metal parts
  • wide range of available colors



  • household tools
  • educational projects
  • concept and demo prototyping of designed finished and semi-finished products
  • industrial design
  • interior design
  • casts and molds


Filament specification:

Filament diameter: 1.75mm ± 0.05mm  / 2.85mm ± 0.05mm

Density: 1.24 g/cm3

Nozzle temperature: 185-215°C

Bed temperature: 0-45°C

Printing speed: 40-150mm/s

Verify your spool option: YES


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